Rebel Chilli Rash Vest

Rebel Chilli

Get your hands on the hottest rash vest around. Made by Rashr for Rebel Chilli, this vest is ideal for surfing, sailing, swimming, training and whatever else you get up to. 

These vests have been designed by compression wear experts to maximize comfort and reduce friction on your body. The combination of 4 way stretch fabrics and no underarm stitching makes for one of the comfiest Rash Vests you will ever wear.

At Rash’R, they use the latest printing technology to achieve long lasting, ultra bright designs. These designs are then printed on their Eco friendly fabrics, all of which are made form 100% recycled plastics.

Please note: orders take 4 weeks as they are made to order.

Put a little Rebel in your Rashr. 


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